We love coffee. We love dates.

So we thought, why not set them up on a coffee date. Well, after a few dates and many cups of coffee, a match was made and tamar was born.

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Boost with benefits

Sourcing the best organic dates grown in the California desert and delicious organic coffee from a family-owned farm in Peru, we have crafted unique blends that deliver a new and improved coffee experience.

We know how important your first cup of coffee is to your overall day. And we are grateful for the opportunity to lift your days ahead in the best way possible with tamar coffee made with dates.


don't worry, be happy

We stand by our product and would like to offer you a risk-free way to experience for yourself the magic that is tamar date coffee. Try it for a week or two, figure out the brew that works best for you & experience the difference for yourself.

Not happy with the results? Not a problem. With our 30-day money-back guarantee, there is no risk.

Simply send us an email here – we’ll take care of everything and promptly process your refund.